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Change of Venue

Wow, I haven’t written anything on here since october. Sorry about that.

Well I am moving this blog. I will now post everything in once place.


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Time for an update

Hi all. Sorry I have not posted in a while. We have been busy, or I should say, I have been really busy with school.

Here is a quick update:

Elisabeth: Not much new with her. Just the usual, growing too fast, getting into stuff, not listening. You know toddler stuff.

Julius: just like his sister, growing too fast. He is now skilled at crawlling and can keep up with elisabeth most of the time. He is also pulling up everywhere and is even interested in walking. He isn’t able to yet, but he has tried which has landed him on his face. It is a little bit stressful! He also has 3 more teeth working thier way out, but are taking forever! He also only gets up once at night now which is very very nice.

Sean: he continues to be a stay at home dad and is getting better at it every day, haha.

Me: School is busy but I’m enjoying it. Danish lessons are also going well and things are starting to click and I am understanding much more which is nice.

And that is about it. Now for pictures

she loves stairs...

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Growing up to fast.

I don’t have a bunch of time to post this morning, so I will make this one quick.

Elisabeth – She is loving daycare. Everyday we are told about how much energy and how happy she is there. It is great. All the kids there are great. It seems like a very good group.

Julius – He is growing too fast! He can now put himself into a sitted postion (which means lots of head bonking right now as he gets too excited sometimes and falls back) and yesterday he started to pull up in the crib and on the couch. Although Elisabeth did these things super early too but took forever to walk, I think Julius is going to want to keep up with Elisabeth and I think he will be an early walker. We shall see, he could prove me wrong.

Me – School is going well. We have already completed the first assignment and are moving on to the second one today. Today is the first day where we actually have lectures and the program really starts to get rolling, so I am excited about that.

Here are some pictures:

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Some Videos

It has been a busy couple of weeks around here. Here is whats been going on with each of us.

Julius – I think he is hitting a growth spurt. He seems a lot bigger all of a sudden. He is working on getting on to his hands and knees for crawling, but he is pretty good at dragging himself all over the place now. He is quick too! Today he put himself into a seated positon for the first time and he has been trying to pull himself up on us and the couch. Busy boy!

Elisabeth – She started daycare last week and I think she is pretty happy about it. It is probably a lot more fun to hang out with a couple other kids than us. She seems really comfortable with her group  so thats a good thing. Other than that we are hitting the terrible 2’s. In otherwords she has a very strong opinion on things…

Me: I have started up with danish lessons again. So far it has been good. I also started school last week. We did not do a whole lot but I am really excited to get started.

Sean – Sean became a full-time stay at home dad this past week now. I think he is enjoying it.

And that’s about it.


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Its been an exciting week

Well this past week we had a couple visitors from Canada. It was awesome to have them here and we had a great time showing them Denmark.

One of the days that they were here they ventured to Lego Land (Julius was a bit under the weather, so him and I missed all the fun). Even though it was rainy I was told that they all had a good time and that Elisabeth love it.

We also ventured to the rainforest. This was Elisabeths third time here but probably the first time she could actually enjoy it. Julius enjoyed looking at all the trees.

Now for updates on the kids.

Elisabeth – She is learning so many words! It is so exciting. Also she is starting to match animal noises to the right animal. We were out for a walk and she saw some goats, pointed to them and said Maaaaaaa. I was very excited. She is also very proud when she communicates something with us and we understand. This coming week we are going to start to tackle potty training. It should be an interesting and messy week.

Julius – He has two teeth through now. He is enjoying all sorts of food, but loves to mush it in his hands more. And, the biggy, he army crawled all the way across a room tonight. He is almost crawling but he doesn’t get his one arm up. He seems determined to beat his sister at everything. He is crawling almost a month earlier than she did.

Well Julius wants to eat, so I hav to run.

Until next week…

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Happy Belated Birthday

So first of all I just wanted to say Happy Belated birthday to my brother!

Second I am sorry I haven’t posted the last couple of weeks. We have been a bit busy. This past week we were babysitting Isobella and today we have some guests coming from Canada so we are busy getting the apartment cleaned up for that.

So whats new:

Elisabeth: She has some new danish words in her vocabulary: milk and more (both of which sound the same in danish when she says them). She is also communicating with us much better than before, but still speaks mostly baby. She is becoming more and more of a little person everyday.

Julius: Has two teeth! Can sit up on his own! Can drag himself forward a bit! Has been trying to get up on his knees and crawl! He however does not really like spending too much time on the floor by himself. He also get very impatient when he doesn’t actually go too far and gives up quickly. He would much more prefere to push himself around in his bumper chair thing instead.

Me: Julius still eats all night long, which means I still haven’t gotten any sleep. I’m tired. I start school in a couple of weeks and am excited about it. I should also be starting danish lessons again anytime.

Sean: I think he is enjoying his time off!


She got splashed....

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He eats

Well its that time of week for me to update. Again we don’t have a whole lot to report. We have been busy unpacking and exploring the city. The weather has been kind of crappy though so we really have just been to the mall and Ikea a few times.

Both kids are getting teeth right now and have been cranky all week. It has been lot and lots of fun! Elisabeth is getting some molars and Julius is getting his two bottom teeth. I think one of them finally broke through today.

Elisabeth seems to be going into a growth spurt, all of a sudden she is hungry all the time and is eating twice as much as normal at dinner times. No new words to report but she is trying very hard to comunicate with us. She has also become my number one ‘helper’. She really loves to pack boxes. Every time I unpack a box and turn around she has one completely packed. She also likes to help carry full boxes. It is very cute, even if she really isn’t helpful.

As I mentioned about Julius is getting teeth. Once they are up enough to see I will take pictures. We have been working on getting him to sleep in his crib. He will sleep in it fine once we get him in there, however after midnight he is up every 2 hours to eat and I just get too tired and bring him in bed with me. So we are halfway there. He can now kind of sit up on his own and has been sitting in the high chair at the dinner table with us. He loves it. He started smacking his lips and making sucking sounds at the sight of food. While at a birthday party this past weekend a childrens nurse noticed his excitement over food and said it would probably a good time to introduce him to solids. So we did tonight. Like Elisabeth we started with carrots. Here is a little video of Julius trying his first taste of food.


He mostly enjoyed sucking on it. A lot of it got spit out but he was thrilled with the entire thing.

Well that is what is new with us this week. This next week we are going to try really hard and finish unpacking.

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Another Week Gone

Not a whole lot to report this past week. On Friday we all came home. We are all now in Aalborg for good. Sean has started his paternity leave and will be off work until sometime in Januray.

We now have the big task of unpack and setting up the apartment. We are hoping to get it mostly done this week. If all goes well maybe I will share some pictures of the apartment with you all in my next post.

I have started a new photography and design blog, It is just somewhere to showcase my photography.

Not much new with the kids. Although we really have to watch what we say and do around Elisabeth, we heard her say shit yesterday.. I guess it really is true that they pick up the bad words the quickest. She basically only has two words that she uses on a regular basis, tak (thank you) and hi…. and now shit…. (although she did not get this from us, neither Sean or I use this word.).

I don`t even have any pictures for you this week. Hopefully I will have a more exciting post next week.

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It has been a while since I have updated. We have been really busy as you all know. So here is an update on things going on at the moment.


We are still in the process. Right now we are staying in Sonderborg in a guest room while Sean finishes up his last week of work. On Friday we will all head up to Aalborg and we can work on unpacking and setting up the apartment and getting on with life.

Julius’s Christening

We has Julius’s christening on July 3rd. We did it in the same church that we got married in. He did very well and didn’t cry. I did have to feed him twice in the church. At one point he had the entire church smiling with his laughs. He also enjoyed laying on the floor on his tummy watching the priest up front and responding with a bunch of ‘ba ba ba’s. His godparents are Uncle Bill and Tante Kristi.

Here are a couple of pictures


Elisabeth is going through a stage right now where she gets frustrated easily because she can’t communication her needs. This has lead to her lashing out a bit. She is hitting, biting and scratching me and Julius (Daddy’s little girl…. he is saved from this apparently). She is also starting to throw some good temper-tantrums. I’ll be honest, it is a bit difficult and frustrating to deal with. It is not easy to punish your child (right now we try to show her the nice way to do something, if that doesn’t work she gets a time out or is removed away from everyone). It is also heartbreaking to see her get so upset because she can’t communicate. Frustrations aside, she is really fun to watch! She is becoming such a little copy cat. She wants to do everything we do.  One funny thing I caught her doing was putting toys down her shirt. Why is thing funny? Well she sees me putting in breast pads in my bra every time I nurse Julius. She was trying to do the same thing with her toys. Also if I forget to put a nursing pad back in she will bring it too me. If I don’t put it in right away she will try and do it for me.


He is growing in leaps and bounds. He now rolls both ways and is starting to use this to get around. He is trying to figure out how to move forward, but mostly ‘swims’ on the spot. Sean said yesterday that he moved forward a bit. He can push himself backwards but hasn’t actually realized it yet. He is really starting to talk now. It started with ba ba ba, now it is an assortment of sounds including ada. I know that doesn’t sound like much, but it is a big step!

Sean and I

Not much new with us. I have been kid wrangling and working on art and photography and occasionally on a book I wrote in the fall. Sean is finishing off work this week. He will then be on maternity leave until January.

More Pictures

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Moving is stressful

Well we sre still not completely moved, but we are getting there.

We really like our new apartment… now that it is painted. We walked into an apartment with multiple colors. One bedroom is blue, another was purple. The living room was beige. The kitchen just needed to be painted.

The blue room was okay. Its the kid room. Sean and I, however, did not want a purple room. Purple is a very hard color to cover by the way. Three coats of paint later and we now have a white and green room. The beighe would have been okay except for the fact that it was a bad cover up for some ugly wallpaper and had pencil all over the place. We now have a nice white living room.

We have a nice balcony. However the step down onto it is worrisome. Elisabeth has already smashed her head against the concret. She came out of it like a champ. Not even a bump. Me on the other had spent the entire night woryimg about a concussion. Luckily Elisabeth didnt seem to mind being woke up ever 2 hours.

We got a little behind is the moving process due to Julius running a fever and be cranky for a day.

Its been an adventure for sure!

Now I am up in Aalborg with the kids. Sean has 3 more weeks of work down in Sønderborg. This mean I am doing the single mom thing during the week. Thank goodness Sean is able to come home on the weekends!

Now for a small update on the kids:

Elisabeth- she is starting to advance from walking to running. Her vocabulary is also expanding and I have also heard her repeat a couple of things others have said, so I guess we really need to watch what we say to her now. She has also decided it is time to start potty training. She has started to show interest in the toilet, and the other day she walked up to me, pointed at her tummy and started to pull her pants down. I asked her if she had to go to the bathroom. She shook her head yes. Now, she shakes her head yes to everything so I just held out my hand for her to take it and lead me whereever. Well she took me to the bathroom and once again try to take her pants off. So I put her on the toilet. Nothing happened, but I was sure surprised! It’s a start for sure.

Julius – Julius has changed so much recently. He can now sit up supported, but doesnt need to much. I can carry him on my hip with just one arm and he stays up. He can also roll tummy to back and back to tummy. This is pretty big that he can roll both ways. Most don’t do this until around 7 months (or at least that is what the nurse told me). He has actually done this a full month ahead of Elisabeth. He isn’t growing as quickly any more, but he is now 25.2 inches long and about 15lbs. He is still eating every 2 hours around the clock though, which is exahusting on me. I am more then ready for him to go longer between feedings and to sleep more then 3 hours at a time at night.

Now, I would like to have shared some pictures of the moving process, but Sean has my computer with the pictures on it. I promise to get some pictures of the apartment up soon. For now here are some cute pictures of the kids.

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