Posted by: desiraer | June 25, 2011

Moving is stressful

Well we sre still not completely moved, but we are getting there.

We really like our new apartment… now that it is painted. We walked into an apartment with multiple colors. One bedroom is blue, another was purple. The living room was beige. The kitchen just needed to be painted.

The blue room was okay. Its the kid room. Sean and I, however, did not want a purple room. Purple is a very hard color to cover by the way. Three coats of paint later and we now have a white and green room. The beighe would have been okay except for the fact that it was a bad cover up for some ugly wallpaper and had pencil all over the place. We now have a nice white living room.

We have a nice balcony. However the step down onto it is worrisome. Elisabeth has already smashed her head against the concret. She came out of it like a champ. Not even a bump. Me on the other had spent the entire night woryimg about a concussion. Luckily Elisabeth didnt seem to mind being woke up ever 2 hours.

We got a little behind is the moving process due to Julius running a fever and be cranky for a day.

Its been an adventure for sure!

Now I am up in Aalborg with the kids. Sean has 3 more weeks of work down in Sønderborg. This mean I am doing the single mom thing during the week. Thank goodness Sean is able to come home on the weekends!

Now for a small update on the kids:

Elisabeth- she is starting to advance from walking to running. Her vocabulary is also expanding and I have also heard her repeat a couple of things others have said, so I guess we really need to watch what we say to her now. She has also decided it is time to start potty training. She has started to show interest in the toilet, and the other day she walked up to me, pointed at her tummy and started to pull her pants down. I asked her if she had to go to the bathroom. She shook her head yes. Now, she shakes her head yes to everything so I just held out my hand for her to take it and lead me whereever. Well she took me to the bathroom and once again try to take her pants off. So I put her on the toilet. Nothing happened, but I was sure surprised! It’s a start for sure.

Julius – Julius has changed so much recently. He can now sit up supported, but doesnt need to much. I can carry him on my hip with just one arm and he stays up. He can also roll tummy to back and back to tummy. This is pretty big that he can roll both ways. Most don’t do this until around 7 months (or at least that is what the nurse told me). He has actually done this a full month ahead of Elisabeth. He isn’t growing as quickly any more, but he is now 25.2 inches long and about 15lbs. He is still eating every 2 hours around the clock though, which is exahusting on me. I am more then ready for him to go longer between feedings and to sleep more then 3 hours at a time at night.

Now, I would like to have shared some pictures of the moving process, but Sean has my computer with the pictures on it. I promise to get some pictures of the apartment up soon. For now here are some cute pictures of the kids.


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