Posted by: desiraer | July 11, 2011


It has been a while since I have updated. We have been really busy as you all know. So here is an update on things going on at the moment.


We are still in the process. Right now we are staying in Sonderborg in a guest room while Sean finishes up his last week of work. On Friday we will all head up to Aalborg and we can work on unpacking and setting up the apartment and getting on with life.

Julius’s Christening

We has Julius’s christening on July 3rd. We did it in the same church that we got married in. He did very well and didn’t cry. I did have to feed him twice in the church. At one point he had the entire church smiling with his laughs. He also enjoyed laying on the floor on his tummy watching the priest up front and responding with a bunch of ‘ba ba ba’s. His godparents are Uncle Bill and Tante Kristi.

Here are a couple of pictures


Elisabeth is going through a stage right now where she gets frustrated easily because she can’t communication her needs. This has lead to her lashing out a bit. She is hitting, biting and scratching me and Julius (Daddy’s little girl…. he is saved from this apparently). She is also starting to throw some good temper-tantrums. I’ll be honest, it is a bit difficult and frustrating to deal with. It is not easy to punish your child (right now we try to show her the nice way to do something, if that doesn’t work she gets a time out or is removed away from everyone). It is also heartbreaking to see her get so upset because she can’t communicate. Frustrations aside, she is really fun to watch! She is becoming such a little copy cat. She wants to do everything we do.  One funny thing I caught her doing was putting toys down her shirt. Why is thing funny? Well she sees me putting in breast pads in my bra every time I nurse Julius. She was trying to do the same thing with her toys. Also if I forget to put a nursing pad back in she will bring it too me. If I don’t put it in right away she will try and do it for me.


He is growing in leaps and bounds. He now rolls both ways and is starting to use this to get around. He is trying to figure out how to move forward, but mostly ‘swims’ on the spot. Sean said yesterday that he moved forward a bit. He can push himself backwards but hasn’t actually realized it yet. He is really starting to talk now. It started with ba ba ba, now it is an assortment of sounds including ada. I know that doesn’t sound like much, but it is a big step!

Sean and I

Not much new with us. I have been kid wrangling and working on art and photography and occasionally on a book I wrote in the fall. Sean is finishing off work this week. He will then be on maternity leave until January.

More Pictures


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