Posted by: desiraer | July 18, 2011

Another Week Gone

Not a whole lot to report this past week. On Friday we all came home. We are all now in Aalborg for good. Sean has started his paternity leave and will be off work until sometime in Januray.

We now have the big task of unpack and setting up the apartment. We are hoping to get it mostly done this week. If all goes well maybe I will share some pictures of the apartment with you all in my next post.

I have started a new photography and design blog, It is just somewhere to showcase my photography.

Not much new with the kids. Although we really have to watch what we say and do around Elisabeth, we heard her say shit yesterday.. I guess it really is true that they pick up the bad words the quickest. She basically only has two words that she uses on a regular basis, tak (thank you) and hi…. and now shit…. (although she did not get this from us, neither Sean or I use this word.).

I don`t even have any pictures for you this week. Hopefully I will have a more exciting post next week.


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