Posted by: desiraer | July 24, 2011

He eats

Well its that time of week for me to update. Again we don’t have a whole lot to report. We have been busy unpacking and exploring the city. The weather has been kind of crappy though so we really have just been to the mall and Ikea a few times.

Both kids are getting teeth right now and have been cranky all week. It has been lot and lots of fun! Elisabeth is getting some molars and Julius is getting his two bottom teeth. I think one of them finally broke through today.

Elisabeth seems to be going into a growth spurt, all of a sudden she is hungry all the time and is eating twice as much as normal at dinner times. No new words to report but she is trying very hard to comunicate with us. She has also become my number one ‘helper’. She really loves to pack boxes. Every time I unpack a box and turn around she has one completely packed. She also likes to help carry full boxes. It is very cute, even if she really isn’t helpful.

As I mentioned about Julius is getting teeth. Once they are up enough to see I will take pictures. We have been working on getting him to sleep in his crib. He will sleep in it fine once we get him in there, however after midnight he is up every 2 hours to eat and I just get too tired and bring him in bed with me. So we are halfway there. He can now kind of sit up on his own and has been sitting in the high chair at the dinner table with us. He loves it. He started smacking his lips and making sucking sounds at the sight of food. While at a birthday party this past weekend a childrens nurse noticed his excitement over food and said it would probably a good time to introduce him to solids. So we did tonight. Like Elisabeth we started with carrots. Here is a little video of Julius trying his first taste of food.


He mostly enjoyed sucking on it. A lot of it got spit out but he was thrilled with the entire thing.

Well that is what is new with us this week. This next week we are going to try really hard and finish unpacking.



  1. Yay for first foods! Ouch for first teeth. I think teething is harder on parents than kids sometimes πŸ˜‰ Do you have Orajel or something equivalent to use? (a little whiskey on a fingertip works, but is generally frowned upon πŸ˜‰ )

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