Posted by: desiraer | August 8, 2011

Happy Belated Birthday

So first of all I just wanted to say Happy Belated birthday to my brother!

Second I am sorry I haven’t posted the last couple of weeks. We have been a bit busy. This past week we were babysitting Isobella and today we have some guests coming from Canada so we are busy getting the apartment cleaned up for that.

So whats new:

Elisabeth: She has some new danish words in her vocabulary: milk and more (both of which sound the same in danish when she says them). She is also communicating with us much better than before, but still speaks mostly baby. She is becoming more and more of a little person everyday.

Julius: Has two teeth! Can sit up on his own! Can drag himself forward a bit! Has been trying to get up on his knees and crawl! He however does not really like spending too much time on the floor by himself. He also get very impatient when he doesn’t actually go too far and gives up quickly. He would much more prefere to push himself around in his bumper chair thing instead.

Me: Julius still eats all night long, which means I still haven’t gotten any sleep. I’m tired. I start school in a couple of weeks and am excited about it. I should also be starting danish lessons again anytime.

Sean: I think he is enjoying his time off!


She got splashed....



  1. Mmmm… Sommersby… jeg savner det. 😦

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