Posted by: desiraer | August 14, 2011

Its been an exciting week

Well this past week we had a couple visitors from Canada. It was awesome to have them here and we had a great time showing them Denmark.

One of the days that they were here they ventured to Lego Land (Julius was a bit under the weather, so him and I missed all the fun). Even though it was rainy I was told that they all had a good time and that Elisabeth love it.

We also ventured to the rainforest. This was Elisabeths third time here but probably the first time she could actually enjoy it. Julius enjoyed looking at all the trees.

Now for updates on the kids.

Elisabeth – She is learning so many words! It is so exciting. Also she is starting to match animal noises to the right animal. We were out for a walk and she saw some goats, pointed to them and said Maaaaaaa. I was very excited. She is also very proud when she communicates something with us and we understand. This coming week we are going to start to tackle potty training. It should be an interesting and messy week.

Julius – He has two teeth through now. He is enjoying all sorts of food, but loves to mush it in his hands more. And, the biggy, he army crawled all the way across a room tonight. He is almost crawling but he doesn’t get his one arm up. He seems determined to beat his sister at everything. He is crawling almost a month earlier than she did.

Well Julius wants to eat, so I hav to run.

Until next week…


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