Posted by: desiraer | September 4, 2011

Some Videos

It has been a busy couple of weeks around here. Here is whats been going on with each of us.

Julius – I think he is hitting a growth spurt. He seems a lot bigger all of a sudden. He is working on getting on to his hands and knees for crawling, but he is pretty good at dragging himself all over the place now. He is quick too! Today he put himself into a seated positon for the first time and he has been trying to pull himself up on us and the couch. Busy boy!

Elisabeth – She started daycare last week and I think she is pretty happy about it. It is probably a lot more fun to hang out with a couple other kids than us. She seems really comfortable with her group  so thats a good thing. Other than that we are hitting the terrible 2’s. In otherwords she has a very strong opinion on things…

Me: I have started up with danish lessons again. So far it has been good. I also started school last week. We did not do a whole lot but I am really excited to get started.

Sean – Sean became a full-time stay at home dad this past week now. I think he is enjoying it.

And that’s about it.



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