Posted by: desiraer | September 13, 2011

Growing up to fast.

I don’t have a bunch of time to post this morning, so I will make this one quick.

Elisabeth – She is loving daycare. Everyday we are told about how much energy and how happy she is there. It is great. All the kids there are great. It seems like a very good group.

Julius – He is growing too fast! He can now put himself into a sitted postion (which means lots of head bonking right now as he gets too excited sometimes and falls back) and yesterday he started to pull up in the crib and on the couch. Although Elisabeth did these things super early too but took forever to walk, I think Julius is going to want to keep up with Elisabeth and I think he will be an early walker. We shall see, he could prove me wrong.

Me – School is going well. We have already completed the first assignment and are moving on to the second one today. Today is the first day where we actually have lectures and the program really starts to get rolling, so I am excited about that.

Here are some pictures:



  1. You have some pretty great models to work with!

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