Posted by: desiraer | October 2, 2011

Time for an update

Hi all. Sorry I have not posted in a while. We have been busy, or I should say, I have been really busy with school.

Here is a quick update:

Elisabeth: Not much new with her. Just the usual, growing too fast, getting into stuff, not listening. You know toddler stuff.

Julius: just like his sister, growing too fast. He is now skilled at crawlling and can keep up with elisabeth most of the time. He is also pulling up everywhere and is even interested in walking. He isn’t able to yet, but he has tried which has landed him on his face. It is a little bit stressful! He also has 3 more teeth working thier way out, but are taking forever! He also only gets up once at night now which is very very nice.

Sean: he continues to be a stay at home dad and is getting better at it every day, haha.

Me: School is busy but I’m enjoying it. Danish lessons are also going well and things are starting to click and I am understanding much more which is nice.

And that is about it. Now for pictures

she loves stairs...


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