About The Blog

Love, Laughter and Happily Ever After!  This is the quote my husband and I have chosen to be placed over the babies crib. It is simple yet it is everything we wish for in our child’s life. Unconditional love, lots of laughter and good times and of course a bright and happy future.

I have decided to create this blog mostly to keep family and friends updated with our bundle of joy that Sean and I are expecting in March. There are so many of you who are so far away and we really want you all to be involved! You are the people who made us who we are today, and therefore important people in our child’s life as well. I hope that this blog will help the distance feel a bit smaller.

This blog is mostly for me (sorry Sean, I love you) as I am about to step into one of my biggest roles of my life – being a mother, and to be honest this scares the crap out of me! I have also found that I quite enjoy writing and well this blog will give me the chance to write, and what better thing to write about then one of the biggest journey’s of my life that I am about to embark! I plan to not only write though, but also to post pictures and videos from this adventure so that you can all experience it with me.

So family and friends, welcome. I promise to post lots of pictures (and videos when I can) and to post often.

To those who have stumbled upon this blog, welcome also! I hope that I entertain you in some way and you are always welcome back!

Until Later – Yours Truly – Desirae


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