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Moving Time

I thought I would give one last post before we start moving tomorrow. That’s right, tomorrow marks the start of our moving process. We are heading north! Although it is nothing like the Great White north. It’s a lot more green and a lot more flat then that.

The packing process has been a bumpy ride and we are still not finished. Julius has been super clingy and I think he is hitting a growth spurt because he wants to eat about every 30 minutes. This has left me pretty much useless. We had also tried to limit our packing time to when Elisabeth was at daycare during the week. All the change has upset her quite a bit. Then yesterday everything kind of came to a halt. Elisabeth has caught some sort of stomach bug and has been puking every two hours. She finally stopped puking around 5 am this morning, but she is still pretty worn out. She couldn’t even hold water down, so she looks like she even lost some weight. Poor thing. So today we are trying to play catch up on the packing. I think we will manage, even with a sick Elisabeth and a fussy, hungry Julius.

It will probably be a couple of weeks before I can post again. We will be without internet the next week or so. So for now these couple of pictures will have to tide you over.

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New Adventures

Land Bridge to the island

Last Thursday was a holiday in Denmark, so we decided to pack up the kids and head over to an island that is known to be pretty nice and have a nice beach. The island is connected to the mainland by a land bridge. It was about a 100 km drive and both kids slept the entire way which was really really nice! It was a beautiful day and the drive was great. Neither Sean or I have been in that part of Denmark before so it was nice to see something different.

The first thing we did was find somewhere to have lunch. We found a place that had a couple of picnick tables, but it was very windy. So we set up our new fancy wind/sun tent. It’s great. It gives us shade and blocks the wind. It was pretty cosy in it while we enjoyed out lunch. Elisabeth however was not really interested in eating and just wanted to explore. At one point a tractor drove past us. Elisabeth stopped what she was doing, stared at it, then got really excited and laughed at it. It was very cute.

After lunch we drove to the other end of the island in search for a beach. It didn’t take long. Since it was a holiday there were many cars all heading to some place so we just followed and the lead us right. To our surprise the beach was huge!

We had to drive about 1km out on the sand to park the car then walked at least another 5 minutes to get to the water. Elisabeth really really enjoyed the beach and loved trying to run around in the sand.

Next it was on to the water. This would be Elisabeth’s first time swimming at the beach. At first Sean took her in and put her feet in. Right away she started kicking and laughing. Sean brought her back up to the beach to take off her shirt and pants and put her down for a second so he could take off his sandels. Well… guess who went running off to the water with waves the size of her! She loved the water.  She started bawling when we brought her back to the car because she wanted to keep playing in the water.

After playing in the water we decided to head back up the beach a bit and have a snack before we headed home. At the beach there were all sorts of kites being flown. It was really really neat. We are hoping that maybe next summer we can rent a summer house on the island and spend a few days there.

Notice anything strange about the last picture? Yes, that is a man, strapped to a parachute being pulled by a car on the beach.

Oh and on other thing. Just before the land bridge heading on to the island there was this huge field of sheep. It was sheep as far as the eye could see, literally. I have never seen so many sheep in one place! It also seemed that every farm on the island had sheep.

In other news….

Julius is starting to purposely grab a things now. He really loves to grab my hair. I don’t love it so much. He is also just about rolling over from his back on to his stomach. Another thing he is starting to do is use his legs to push himself. He rarely stays on his playmat anymore, almost pushed himself off the couch yesterday and moved from one end of his crib to the other and spun himself around in it.

He is still eating all the time. The last couple of days I have manged to fend him off and have him eat every 2 hours. It is still a lot but its an improvement. He still won’t take a bottle from Sean, so I get no breaks at all. I am hoping this week to go out with a friend for lunch. Sean is going to try and give him some milk from a cup. I am really hoping that it works…

We have finally started to pack and everything is a complete mess right now. We had to make room to put boxes so as of tonight we are all sleeping in the same room. Hopefully by next Wednesday (when we get the keys to the new apartment!!) Elisabeth and Julius will be used to sleeping in the same room.

I can not wait to be moved into our new, bigger apartment!

Well Elisabeth just woke up Julius, so so far, first night together, not a good start… Oh well…

I hope everyone had a good week. Ours was good.

Elisabeth is really starting to love her little brother and be less jealous of him. One example of this is that she wants to share all her toys with him. She is always bringing him toys, especially if he doesn’t have any. She also shared and showed him on of her books. It was very cute. There are still moments where she gets jealous, but her reactions are more geared towards me or Sean, and it is much less often than it was before. It mostly only happens in the evenings when she is tired.

I don’t think I mentioned, but Elisabeth was on a veggie strike. She would not eat any at all. This seems to be coming to an end though. She still loves avocado’s and has decided that red peppers and baby corn are okay too. Pretty much any other veggie gets thrown on the floor. Did I mention that she loves cake? We went to a party a few weeks back and her uncle fed her lots of cake, now if she see”s any she thinks she HAS to have some.

Elisabeth did a very cute thing last week. She has a couple pop bottles that she plays with occasionally. Well she picks one up, walks over to her brother and puts the end of it in his mouth and goes ‘gulp gulp’. She then looks at me with a huge smile, brings the bottle to her mouth and goes ‘gulp gulp’ and does it once more to her brother. I have no idea where she got the ‘gulp gulp’ because I don’t think we have ever made that sound with her before. Either way it was very cute and very funny.

Other than that not much is new. I started packing a few things, but we need some boxes before I can do some serious packing. I can’t believe we will be moving in 3 weeks!

Cubby Cheeks!!

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The family is one of nature’s masterpieces.

Well there really isn’t much to report this week. Elisabeth went to daycare, I stayed at home with Julius. Both kids are still coughing so we took them into the doctor. Both are fine, but the cough could take a while to clear up. There was talk of an inhaler for Elisabeth, but since both kids are happy and active we were told there was no need to be concerned, only if it gets worse. So that is that.

The weather here has been great. However we didn’t get to fully enjoy it this weekend before Thursday evening I came down is Mastisis, an infection in the breast. This lead to a decent fever with really bad chills. I decided to spend Friday in bed to see if rest would clear it up because I really did not want to go into the doctors. If bad enough they usually prescribe antibiotics and bed rest. Well I’m resistant to antibiotics so avoid them when I came. Friday sucked, but I didn’t get any worse. Some time early Saturday morning my fever broke and although I wasn’t feeling wonderful I was feeling better. Today I feel fine for the most part, however I have a blocked milk duct that hurts a lot (which was probably what caused the infection in the first place). I’m loading up on garlic in hopes to keep the infection down and I am going to try warm compresses to unplug the duct.

Because I was feeling better we decided to head to the park. We packed up a lunch and drove one town over. Here are a few pictures.

An old house that is now an art museum. The park is actually a park that surrounds a castle which is now a psychiatric hosptial

Elisabeth had a great time running around in a grassy area in front of the castle where we had decided to sit down for lunch. As we were eating we could hear a distant, constant rumbling. Within minutes the sky started to turn dark. We packed everything up quick and made it to the car before it rained. By the time we got home there was rain, hail, thunder and lighting. Sean and I got soaked running the kids into the apartment covered with blankets. The kids didn’t seem to mind. Now both kids are napping and Sean and are enjoying some quiet time.

I also did some pictures of Julius this week. I wanted to do some naked pictures of him. I wish I had tired these earlier before he was all wiggly. He loved being naked and just wanted to stretch right out and display everything. I did get some pictures of him though. I haven’t had  a change to edit many of them, but here are some anyways.

And of course some others of Elisabeth and Julius taken earlier in the week

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Need more posts!

So I was informed by some people this past weekend that I need to post more updates more often. This is my new goal. I will try to post once a week on here from now on. I can’t guarantee it,  but I will try I promise. Even if it is just a couple of pictures.

So whats new this week:

* Julius is sleeping more at night! For the last few nights he has only been getting up once AND sleeping in until about 7 or 8. Last night was even better. He slept from 10pm until 5am. I still woke up when he normally wakes up though, but I didn’t have to get up. He ate at 5, went back to sleep until 7, ate again then slept more until 9. So I have had a quiet morning so far. I am probably in for a napless day though….

* We said yes to the apartment which means we are moving in a month. Time to get my ass in gear and get organized! So much packing to do!

* Elisabeth is walking more and more and crawling less and less. In some ways this is sad. It really means she is leaving the baby stage of life and becoming a toddler. A toddler who loves to climb everything, including the drawer and oven in the kitchen…..

* I mentioned a couple posts backs that I am working on loosing some weight. Well in the last month I have lost 9lbs, so I am doing well. I have a big problem though, I have no pants that fit anymore. I think I am going to have to hit the thrift stores and find something soon!

And that is about all that is new with us this past week. Here are a couple pictures.

Probably teaching him something bad...

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Time for an update

I have been holding off updating because we have some big changes coming up and I didn’t want to blog about them until they were certain.

The first thing is that I have received my admission letter to the Multimedia Design and Communication program that I applied to in Aalborg last week. This means we will be moving.

We have settled on living in Aalborg. It is to the city life for us. It is going to be a big change living in such a large city. This, however places us right in the middle of pretty much all of Sean’s family and will make visiting everyone much easier. Everyone will be about a 1.5 hours away by train, which means we can even make day trips if we need too.

We have been offered an apartment and I believe we are going to say yes to it today. It is a huge improvement on the one we have. It has two bedrooms, a living room, a dinning room, kitchen, 2 bathrooms (including a bathtub!!!) and a small laundry area. The kids will have to share a room until we get a house, but we plan on doing that within 4 years time anyways so its not a big deal. It is also a lot bigger than what we have now. Right now we are in something that is 62 square meters, the new apartment is 101 square meters. If we say yes then we get the keys June 15th. That means I have to get starting packing now! We will have to keep our current apartment until the end of June and rent a room in Sonderborg until the 15th of July, which is when seans goes on maternity leave.

So there is a lot of big things happening with us right now.

Now for an update on the kiddos. We have been sick since Julius was two weeks old. Elisabeth keeps bringing stuff home from daycare and sharing it with Julius and me. The latest thing going around is chickenpox. So far Elisabeth hasn’t showed signs, but it can take up to 17 days after exposure to it for it to actually show, so we are still waiting. We are hoping she gets it and also gives it to Julius. They say the younger they get it the better. So we are just waiting on that.

Elisabeth is walking more. She has also added another word to her vocabulary. She now says Hi and Tak (thank you in danish). Mum is still sporadic, so we still are not sure if it is a word or just a babble. Other than that not too much new with Elisabeth.

Julius is really starting to show his personality. He is not nearly as independent as his sister was at this age and wants attention all the time. However he makes up with this by being very smiley. He doesn’t cry often, but he is sure vocal. He whines a lot, but is starting to ‘talk’ more. He is still a pig. He is eating all the time and I can’t get anything done during the day. Starting today I am starting work on stretching his feeding sessions to 3 hours instead of every 1.5 hours. He is a big boy, growing quickly, he does not need to eat so much (or at least so says the doctor). Julius laughed for the first time last week. I cried. He is also starting to grab at things now and is getting really curious about looking around at things. He is very social with other people, talking to them and smileing at them. However he won’t really let anyone else other than me or sean hold him for more then 5 minutes before he has a melt down. Breastfeeding is going well, so well that it is all he will do. No bottles for him. He gets really offended when a bottle is offered. So I have yet to have an entire nights sleep. Oh well, someday…

Well i am being yelled at, so I will leave you off with some pictures of the kids.

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Walking the walk

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Not a whole lot to report from our side. Elisabeth, Julius and I are still struggling to drop this cough, but it is showing signs of improving.

Elisabeth is starting to walk a bit more, graduating from 2 steps at a time to 4 or 5.  She had a couple of days where she was really keen on trying to walk, but she hasn’t tried again the last two days. We will get there..

For now here are a bunch of pictures for your enjoyment.

She was saying Hi to her little brother

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Getting my Body Back

Today is the day to start working out to get my body back. Above is a video of Elisabeth getting in on the action as well. Just too cute!!
I have decided to be brave and show you all what I am working with.
Over all for 6 weeks post partum I don’t think I am in bad shape (however ugly my tummy may be). I have now lost all the baby weight from both my children, but my body is no where where it was before I got pregnant. My stomach is pretty flabby. I also just want to loose the extra weight I am carrying around. I would like to fit back into my size 5 pants one day.
So here is my plan and goals:
Plan: To work out 5 days a week. Right now I am planning on alternating between Zumba and’s post pregnancy work-out. Zumba is a fun cardio work out, while the RealAge work out should help with toning up my flabby muscles. In May, I might switch up gears and do the 30 day Shred with my husband. We had plans to do this after my first pregnancy, but I got pregnant right away so it never happened.
Goal: I would like to get my weight down to 125lbs (56kg) again and tone up in general. Right now I am 143lbs (65kg), so I have some work to do!
I have never done Zumba before, but I used to love dance and looks like a lot of fun. I am hoping that by posting my pictures on here and the promise to keep the blog updated about my progress, that I will remain motivated.
In the past I have been very good at not keeping up with whatever fitness routine I have decided on.
Wish me luck!! I’m gonna need it!
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Elisabeth’s Birthday Party

Yesterday was Elisabeth’s birthday party and besides her being a tad bit grumpy it all went really well. Here are some pictures from the day.

Sandwhich Man

Canadian Style Birthday Cake


Traditional Danish Birthday Cake

Uncle Glen and Julius

Watching Mom blow out candles

She didn't like it..

Playing with her new toy

They were both pretty tuckered out by the end of the day

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